Analysis and Review of Canadian Think Tank Climate Change and Energy Reports for the Banff Dialogue

By Philip Gass, David Sawyer on October 13, 2010

This paper, prepared by IISD for the Banff Dialogue on a Canadian National Clean Energy Strategy, examines the state of the national debate between Canadian think tanks over the direction of federal climate change and energy policy.

Dave Sawyer and Philip Gass review reports from leading organizations and compile the major recurring arguments of the various contributors. The authors seek to define the topics on which the national debate is strong and productive, and in which areas there appear to be gaps that could be filled to lead to a more encompassing review of Canadian policy options. Finally conclusions are offered on how these various viewpoints can be used to foster a stronger Canadian dialogue on clean energy and climate change.

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Climate Change Mitigation
Focus area
IISD, 2010