IIA Insighter - Issue 1 - Spring 2007

By on May 22, 2007
IIA Insighter is an occasional publication targeted at parliamentarians and elected officials, offering them insight into how international investment agreements (IIAs) may impact on domestic issues of public interest.

The publication offers a mix of news, features, commentaries and resources. Particular effort is made to provide information which is pitched at the level of the non-expert, so that readers may grasp and understand the key concerns related to IIAs.

IISD also provides more specialized research and news publications devoted to IIAs. Investment Treaty News, is a free electronic reporting service available by email subscription. ITN offers more detailed and comprehensive reporting on lawsuits arising under IIAs, as well as investigations into lawsuits not otherwise publicized. IISD also produces a wide range of analysis and commentary on emerging issues in this field.

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