Doha Round Briefing Series - Issue 10 of 13 - Trade, Debt and Finance

By IISD, ICTSD on February 25, 2003
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The tenth of a series prepared by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. In the preamble of the Doha Declaration, trade ministers recognised that the "challenges Members face in a rapidly changing international environment cannot be addressed through measures taken in the trade field alone," and decided to "continue to work with the Bretton Woods institutions for greater coherence in global economic policy-making." The Declaration introduces abinding mandate for Members to examine the relationship between trade, debt and finance in the WTO. To this end, ministers established a Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance (WGDTF), open to all Members, to operate within the permanent structure of the WTO.

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IISD and ICTSD, 2003