Gender in Mining Governance: An annotated bibliography for large-scale mining

In this extensive mapping, the IGF Secretariat showcases a compilation of articles, reports, guidelines, and policy documents that explore the role of gender in mining governance in large-scale mining.

By Kalowatie Deonandan, Ege Tekinbas on March 8, 2021

Despite the myriad ways women are involved in the mining sector, men’s participation and access to resources still overshadow women’s. Women are disproportionately burdened by the costs and impacts of the mining industry and receive only a minimal share of the benefits.

This annotated bibliography from the IGF Secretariat is aimed at governments, researchers, industry practitioners, civil society organizations, and the development community. It draws from existing data and resources to provide insights and options for stakeholders on how to strengthen governance structures to contribute to gender equality and sustainable development.

Resources included in the bibliography focus not only on literature exploring the disproportionate burden women carry when it comes to the negative effects of mining, but also certain enablers that could support women’s equitable benefit sharing in the sector.

The bibliography also serves as a tool to map possible gaps and areas for further improvement while developing new research approaches, programs, and tools.

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IISD, 2021