Coping with global change - vulnerability and adaptation in Indian agriculture

By Stephan Barg, Suruchi Bhadwal, Preety Bhandari, Akram Javed, Ulka Kelkar, Karen O'Brien, Stephan Barg on June 24, 2004
This monograph presents an ongoing research project, which attempts to study the impacts of climate change in the context of ongoing economic changes, and how these will affect the adaptive capacity of Indian farmers. This collaborative project is being carried out by TERI, India; the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, Norway; and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada, and will be completed in March 2004. The methodology combines vulnerability mapping with participatory appraisals in villages, and places emphasis on understanding physical, socio-economic, and policy factors that can enhance or constrain coping capacity.

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TERI, 2004