Annual Report

IISD Annual Report 2021–2022

In Our Nature: Solutions for a sustainable future

IISD knows that, together, we can do hard things. Our annual report for 2021–2022 highlights key accomplishments toward our vision of a world where people and the planet thrive, including a special focus on how we're tapping into the power of nature.

November 7, 2022

Increasingly, we're seeing just how connected we, as people, are to our natural environment—we make an impact on nature and biodiversity every day, and those impacts come right back to us. We already know the negative consequences of this loop. 

But we can also see the potential—of protecting nature, investing in nature, building with nature, and learning from nature. Whether it is safeguarding coastal communities from the impacts of climate change by building sand dunes rather than artificial barriers or purifying a local lake with cattails instead of chemical filtration systems, we are seeing time and again that nature has many of the solutions we need.

Today, our greatest hurdle is scaling up these solutions fast enough, both locally and across the globe, to prevent truly dire consequences for humanity. This part is trickier, but it's where IISD comes in.

We know that by acting together and engaging across sectors, we can create lasting change for the better. That is why we are looking forward to new projects and new partnerships, as well as doing all we can to tap into the power of nature—for people and the planet.

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