ABS-Management Tool: Best Practice Standard and Handbook for Implementing Genetic Resource Access and Benefit-sharing Activities

By IISD, Stratos, Jorge Cabrera on September 27, 2007
The ABS-Management Tool (ABS-MT) is a best practice standard and a handbook that provides guidance and tools on ABS practice to help companies, researchers, local and indigenous communities, and governments ensure compliance with the Bonn Guidelines and ABS requirements under the Convention on Biological Diversity. It provides users and providers of genetic resources with a structured process for participating in—and making decisions about—ABS negotiations and the implementation of ABS agreements for access to and agreed use of genetic resources.

Volume 1 provides the reader with an overview of ABS and the relevance of the ABS-MT for users and providers of genetic resources. It includes the Best Practice Standard and advice on key management processes to support its implementation.

Volume 2 provides the reader with Good Practice Guidance for ABS processes, Supporting Tools to apply specific aspects of the ABS practice, and three case studies to provide additional information on applying the ABS-MT, and highlighting lessons learned from field tests of the ABS-MT and other ABS processes.

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SECO, 2007