Building a Climate-Resilient City

In recent decades, Alberta has experienced significant changes in its climate as well as its economy, population, and environment. 

These growing climate risks have clear implications for local economies, and the financial well-being of municipal governments. Well-planned adaptation measures can improve the quality of urban life as well as protect lives and infrastructures, strengthen community ties and improve economic performance.

Building a Climate-Resilient City is a series of nine research papers prepared for the City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary by the International Institute for Sustainable Development in collaboration with the University of Winnipeg’s Prairie Climate Centre. This series looks makes recommendations for steps that cities can take as part of their municipal adaptation planning to build their resilience to climate change. It explores three key principles of resilience building: robustness (strong design), redundancy (building extra capacity into systems to act as fail-safe networks) and resourcefulness (citizen empowerment).


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