Down to Earth: How a Great Green Wall is Bringing Life Back to the Desert

This episode is about an initiative covering 780 million hectares in Africa to combat climate change, desertification, poverty and food insecurity.

By Stacy Corneau on July 20, 2020


When IISD consultant Stacy Corneau heard about an initiative that tackled nearly every issue related to climate change and joined all kinds of communities, impacting a population six-times that of Canada, she had to know more.

Join Stacy in this episode as she interviews a range of experts involved in creating the Great Green Wall, a swath of verdant pastures, forests, aquatic ecosystems, wildlife reserves and land-restoration projects spanning the entire width of Africa. The idea is to combat desertification with a holistic and collaborative approach, rather than a series of stand-alone projects.

The bar is high. The stakes are high. Listen above to find out how this initiative is progressing and hear about some of the challenges and unexpected benefits already resulting from it.