Down to Earth: How to deal with climate change without getting depressed

This episode of the podcast explores the impacts of climate change on mental health, and what we can do about it.

By Ziona Eyob on August 3, 2020


Stronger hurricanes, greater floods, unrelenting forest fires: the physical effects of climate change are obvious, ranging from displacement to food insecurity. But there's an emotional side to it, too, and this extends even to those who aren't experiencing the direct trauma of extreme weather. 

Why is nobody talking about eco-grief, about solastalgia?

Join Ziona Eyob in this episode of Down to Earth as she speaks with a series of experts from different backgrounds, all of whom are focused on bringing issues related to climate change and mental health to light and finding solutions. 

Says Lori Brave Rock, an indigenous activist who lives in the Blood Reserve in Alberta: "Going back to the land, spending time on the land and healing ourselves, but also learning how to heal the land ... that, to me, is the best thing for anyone's mental health. Just spend time outdoors."