Vanessa Farquharson

Interim Director, Communications

Vanessa Farquharson is IISD’s Interim – Director, Communications, focused on editorial strategy, media relations and public awareness.

An award-winning author, public speaker and journalist, Vanessa worked as a staff reporter at the National Post for six years, where she covered topics ranging from urban development to rooftop beekeeping and wrote a weekly column called Sense & Sustainability. She has worked as a writer and editor for a range of top-tier Canadian publications and has more than a decade of experience in media relations.

More recently, Vanessa has focused on leadership roles in communications and PR within the environmental sector, raising the public profile of global recycling organization TerraCycle before steering a major rebranding effort for Earth Day Canada, where she was Director of Communications and Campaigns. She is also a member of the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Working Group.

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