Teya Penniman

Team Leader, Writer, Video Producer, Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Teya has served as a Writer, Team Leader, and Video Producer off and on with Earth Negotiations Bulletin since 1997, focused mostly on marine and biodiversity issues. Her non-ENB work has centered on protection of island ecosystems, initially inspired by research on seabirds.

Teya obtained an MBA, Juris Doctor, and Dispute Resolution Certificate from Willamette University, with an emphasis on natural resource economics and domestic and international environmental law. Following stints in public and private legal practice, she moved with her family to the island of Maui, Hawaii, where she managed an invasive species project for 15 years. She is currently working to save a dozen Hawaiian honeycreeper species from extinction. She mediates agricultural disputes, is an arbitrator for the state court system, and writes for local magazines on the environment and culture.

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Earth Negotiations Bulletin