Suzi Malan (Dr.)

Writer, Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Suzi Malan (Ph.D) has been a Team Leader and Writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin for over a decade, covering negotiations and meetings on sustainable development, climate change, water, oceans, biodiversity, migratory species, renewable energy, desertification, and forestry.

Suzi also works for the University of Pretoria in a multi-disciplinary research environment with a focus on sustainable community development, particularly in the field of primary healthcare. She was appointed as senior researcher and manages community-oriented healthcare projects in southern African mine host communities.

With her interdisciplinary academic and professional background in conservation, forest resource management, agriculture, and rural development, Suzi thrives in environments focused on finding holistic policy solutions related to any of the world’s environmental management and societal challenges. She calls South Africa home, where such complex challenges requiring exceptional solutions are in abundance.

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Earth Negotiations Bulletin