Paul Fafard

Field Sampling Technician II, IISD-ELA

Paul works with the Field Sampling Coordinator to conduct the lake sampling and hydrology programs at IISD-ELA, including collection and processing of limnological, hydrological, and meteorological samples.

Prior to joining IISD-ELA, Paul was a Crew Leader with the “Restoring the Tradition- Carp Exclusion Project” with Ducks Unlimited, where he trained, directed and worked with a crew of students in water quality sample collection and processing, aquatic vegetation surveys (GIS), fish population fieldwork, and meteorology data collection.

He also has experience as a Limnological Sampling/Hydrology Technician Assistant at IISD-ELA, a Field Technician at the Freshwater Institute in Winnipeg, and an Arctic Field Ecology Teaching Assistant and Ecology Lab Assistant in Churchill and Wapusk National Park, Manitoba.

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Water Quality
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IISD Experimental Lakes Area
Bachelor of Science (Honours)–Ecology, University of Manitoba, 2015