Patrique Bulloch

Food Web Biologist, IISD-ELA

Patrique Bulloch is the Food Web Biologist at IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

As a member of the plankton ecology group, he facilitates the collection and analysis of long-term ecological research data pertaining to the lower trophic levels, notably phytoplankton, zooplankton, and large invertebrate predators.

He is an environmental chemist with years of field experience, and holds a Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Manitoba.

Patrique initially worked at IISD-ELA as an undergraduate research assistant in 2017 then went on to conduct his graduate studies exploring the impact of oil spills on fresh water. His research focused on measuring oxidative stress biomarkers in fish, using non-lethally collected mucus. He then worked at Toews Environmental Consulting and Aquatic Sciences, where he helped design and execute field programs centred on water quality assessments and environmental risk mitigation.


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IISD Experimental Lakes Area
Master of Science, Chemistry, University of Manitoba, 2022
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of Manitoba, 2018