Nancy Williams

Logistic Coordinator, Earth Negotations Bulletin

Nancy began working with Earth Negotiations Bulletin in 2006 and has attended 81 conferences in 39 cities in 31 countries around the world. She describes the work of a Logistics Coordinator as a fascinating puzzle that needs to be solved upon arrival in each new place

Along with her considerable skill set, Nancy has gleaned a number of lessons from her years with ENB:

  • each new destination as an exciting challenge
  • if you do not speak the language, it does not present a barrier—just an opportunity to figure out how to communicate effectively
  • if you are interested in people and give them the opportunity, they are willing to help you
  • if you do not have what you need or if something unexpected happens, learn how to figure out a different solution quickly

As a positive, resourceful team member committed to supporting her colleagues, Nancy's pre-conference work includes finding out what essentials are nearest to the venue: a copy shop for printing, restaurants for team dinners, and a supermarket. These are key to a successful conference.

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Earth Negotiations Bulletin