Morten Siersted

Senior Associate

Morten Siersted is a senior associate supporting the Sustainable Infrastructure and Sustainable Finance teams at IISD. Morten’s specific focus is on the economic and financial modelling of sustainable infrastructure projects. This includes developing and maintaining the spreadsheet-based modelling components of IISD’s Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) modelling framework. It also involves training and mentoring IISD colleagues, supporting individual SAVi assessments, and capacity building among IISD partners and clients.

Morten has a long background in project finance, in particular in the financial modelling of long-term infrastructure projects. During the first part of his career, he worked in the London offices of a number of leading project finance banks and advisors. Thereafter, he founded F1F9, a company specializing in the financial modelling of infrastructure projects. As part of this, Morten co-authored the FAST Standard, a uniquely open and comprehensive spreadsheet modelling methodology now widely regarded as an industry standard.

Morten has degree in economics from the School of African and Asian Studies at the University of Sussex and a master’s degree in international public policy analysis from the University of Bath. He is also an alumnus of the Social Finance Programme at the University of Oxford. At the invitation of IISD, in 2019 he co-authored the publication Modelling for Sustainable Development.

In addition to his native Danish and English, Morten is conversant in Spanish and French. Morten divides his time between Bath in England, Copenhagen, and Geneva.

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