Mohamed Coulibaly


Mohamed Coulibaly is an advisor on law and agriculture for the Economic Law and Policy Program. His expertise is in responsible investment in agriculture and land laws and policies. He has worked on several topics related to sustainable development and agriculture and has conducted research on the legal, social and environmental aspects of development projects, land policies, seed laws and other agricultural issues in Mali and Africa.

Based in Bamako, Mali, Mohamed provides training and advisory services to developing country governments, primarily in Africa. This legal and policy advice focuses on issues related to foreign investment in agriculture, such as the negotiation, drafting and implementation of agriculture investment contracts and national/regional laws and policies aiming at maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks from foreign investment in the agriculture sector.

His work also entails research on emerging trends and issues at the intersection of investment, agriculture and sustainable development. An area of focus is reflecting on legal instruments that can support the transformation of African agriculture through increased private investments. He recently published with other colleagues a policy brief on the rise of agricultural growth poles in Africa, also known as agropoles, which are key tools for this transformation.

Mohamed is also an assistant professor of law at the University of Bamako, where he teaches and conducts research activities on land law, environmental law, administrative law and international legal studies.

Additional information

Areas of expertise
Investment (Agriculture)
Investment and Sustainable Development
Land Policies
Seed Law
Small-scale Farming
Staff type
Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Studies, American University Washington College of Law (USA)
Master in International and Comparative Environmental Law, University of Limoges (France)
Bachelor in Private Law (LLB), University of Bamako (Mali)
Languages spoken
French, English, Bambara