Michael Paterson

Senior Research Scientist, IISD-ELA

Michael Paterson has worked as a Research Scientist at the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) since 1992. His research has focused on the ecosystem effects of human activities on freshwater lakes and his areas of expertise include aquatic food webs, plankton ecology, nutrients, and contaminants. While at ELA, Michael has been involved in whole-ecosystem studies on the effects of hydroelectric reservoir development, aquaculture, eutrophication, contaminants, acidification, and climate change. Prior to moving to IISD, Michael was a Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at Winnipeg’s Freshwater Institute and he has also worked as an environmental consultant for P. Lane & Associates in Halifax, N.S. and North/South Consultants in Winnipeg. Michael is currently an Adjunct Professor in the University of Manitoba’s Department of Entomology.

Kidd, K.A., M.J. Paterson, M.D. Rennie, C.L. Podemski, D.L. Findlay, P.J. Blanchfield, and K. Liber. Direct and indirect responses of a freshwater food web to a potent synthetic estrogen. Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. B. 369: in press dx.doi.org/101098/rstb 2013.0578.

Vasseur, D.A., J.W. Fox, A. Gonzalez, R .Adrian, B.E. Beisner, M.R. Helmus, C. Johnson, P. Kratina, C. Kremer, C. de Mazancourt, E. Miller, W.A. Nelson, M. Paterson, J.A. Rusak, J.B. Shurin and C.F. Steiner. Synchronous dynamics of zooplankton competitors prevail in temperate lake ecosystems. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 2104 281, 20140633

Mailman, M., R.A. Bodaly, M.J. Paterson, S. Thompson, and R.J. Flett. 2014. Low-level experimental selenite additions decrease mercury in aquatic food chains and fish muscle but increase selenium in fish gonads. Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 66: 32-40.

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Areas of expertise
Algal Blooms
Climate Change and Water
Water Quality
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IISD Experimental Lakes Area
Doctor of Biology, Dalhousie University, 1991
Master of Arts – Biology, Indiana University, 1985
Bachelor of Sciences – Zoology, University of Manitoba, 1982