Marie Royer

Communications Officer

Marie Royer is a Communications Officer with IISD’s Resilience Program. Among her responsibilities, she manages the communication work for the Nature for Climate Adaptation Initiative (NCAI) and spotlights climate change adaptation progress in Canada.

Marie has over 8 years of experience working for media outlets and non-profit organizations in Belgium and in France. Prior to joining IISD, she was acting as a Communications Officer with Energy Cities, a European network of cities based in Brussels. Marie is skilled in project management, strategic communications, and storytelling.

She holds master’s degrees in African studies and journalism and a bachelor’s degree in communications and speaks English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

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Master's Degree in African Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), 2018
Master's Degree in Journalism, Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales (IHECS), 2016
Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales (IHECS), 2014
Languages spoken
English, French, Italian, Spanish