Lionel Simeon

Senior Project Manager

Lionel Simeon is a senior project manager with IISD’s Economic Law and Policy (ELP) program. Based in Toronto, he brings a decade of experience in coordinating and managing projects, streamlining internal processes, overseeing and managing budgets, and engaging in international partnerships.

Prior to joining IISD, Lionel’s work experience has spanned multiple agencies, sectors, and locations. He has worked in Canada, France, and Thailand, with his previous roles including posts at the University of Toronto, the European Metropolis of Lille, the French National Institute for Scientific Research, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ office in Bangkok, and the French National Council for Sustainable Development.

Lionel holds a master’s degree in international cooperation and management from Charles de Gaulle – Lille 3 University in France, as well as a master’s degree in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Paris 10 Nanterre University in France. Lionel speaks fluent French, English, and Spanish.

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Master, International Cooperation and Management, Charles de Gaulle – Lille 3 University
Master, Management of SMEs, Paris 10 Nanterre University
Languages spoken
English, Spanish, French