Ingeborg Niestroy


Based in Brussels, Dr. Ingeborg Niestroy is an Associate for IISD's Knowledge for Integrated Decisions program. She has had long-standing experience in European policy making as Secretary General of a European network of advisory councils for sustainable development and environmental policy. Inge is passionate about the holistic perspective of sustainability, with a focus on governance for sustainable development. She has extensive experience in comparative analysis of national SD governance and policies and the necessary links with local, regional/EU and global levels, and in linking different sectors, policy areas, knowledge arenas and stakeholder groups. She is particularly interested in impact assessment, development cooperation, sustainable consumption, industry policy and circular economy, transport, tourism, and regional and urban planning. Working on SD goals and linkages in the North and South will be a new opportunity for Inge, and she believes that IISD is the perfect organization to collaborate with in these endeavours.

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Doctor of Engineering, Technical University of Berlin, 2000
Master in Geography, Soil Science and Botany, University of Goettingen, 1990