Gerrit Hansen (Dr.)

Writer, Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Gerrit Hansen is a researcher, political advisor, and independent consultant, and joined Earth Negotiations Bulletin as a Writer in 2019. Her expertise spans international climate policy, attribution of climate impacts, green finance, renewable energy technologies, carbon dioxide removal options and climate-resilient sustainable development. Gerrit holds a doctorate from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, a diploma in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University Berlin, and a Master’s of Science degree in Global Change Management from the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNEE).

Former employers and clients include research institutes, UN organizations, government agencies, think tanks, and NGOs. Her current main affiliation is as the program director climate change at the Robert-Bosch Stiftung, based in Berlin. In addition to her academic credentials, Gerrit has ample experience in project management and political strategy in international and local contexts. She is also a certified conflict mediator. It is her firm belief that global environmental challenges are intertwined with questions of equity and justice, and the transformational change required to address the climate crisis will have to tackle both. 

Gerrit works in English and German, speaks Spanish, understands French, and is currently learning Norwegian. She loves the outdoors, especially north of 66° latitude. You can find more information on her personal website:


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