Eric Campbell

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Eric Campbell is executive director of the Clean Economy Fund, where he is responsible for connecting the philanthropic community with bold initiatives that support giant leaps toward a net-zero, climate-friendly future.

Eric has been initiating conversations, nurturing partnerships, and building diverse coalitions in Canada’s climate space for more than 15 years. He has worked with the business and finance community through initiatives like the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery (2020) and the Smart Prosperity Leaders coalition (20162022); collaborated with cities on community-level climate solutions through QUEST (20122016); guided start-ups in the clean energy and carbon removal sectors (20192022); and served as communications director and senior advisor to Canada’s environment minister to usher in landmark policies like carbon pricing and the Low Carbon Economy Fund (20182019). Eric also partially fulfilled a childhood dream to be a radio hockey announcer by producing and hosting Canada’s most-listened-to green economy podcast from 20192022.

Eric has a master's degree in education and society from McGill University and a bachelor's degree in environmental policy and economics from the University of Toronto. When not at his desk, Eric is hiking up hills, playing ball hockey with his kids, and searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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