Emily Kroft

Water Policy and Youth Engagement Officer, IISD-ELA

Emily is IISD-ELA’s Water Policy and Youth Engagement Officer. During childhood summers in the Kenora-Whiteshell area, Emily developed a personal connection to the lakes and freshwater environments in northern Ontario, inspiring her to pursue a career in environmental science. She is enthusiastic about bringing the subject of sustainability alive for youth through science, art, and discussion. She brings extensive experience working with teens as a camp counsellor, as well as through her volunteer experience as the Youth Events Committee Coordinator at the United Way of Winnipeg and an English teacher working with recently arrived refugees through Operation Ezra.

She holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in environmental science and an M.Sc. in biology. Her current research focuses on ecosystem service provision in urban landscapes, and particularly how provision is affected by varying levels of urban sprawl.

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IISD Experimental Lakes Area