Please beware of fraudulent job offers. IISD never charges fees at any stage of the recruitment process.

IISD Competencies

IISD’s behavioural competency model complements our institutional mission and values. As we grow, this model will provide us with a structured approach to attracting the right talent with the right blend of skills, behaviours, and attitudes to our organization. These competencies should also serve to guide staff members in understanding what choices they can make in their everyday work life to excel.



Drive for excellence


We follow high standards of excellence and ethics in all areas of our work.




We share knowledge across work areas and geographies to learn from one another, foster teamwork, build trust, spark innovation, and hear new perspectives. Working cooperatively with others is critical to achieving our mission and goals.


Diversity and inclusion


We strongly advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. This means being an ally to marginalized communities and uplifting their voices. It also includes demonstrated understanding of an intersectional and inclusive approach to our work and its impacts.


Openness and agility


We strive to listen, learn, and be flexible. We respond swiftly to threats as well as opportunities while ensuring we do so in an informed manner. IISD understands that valuable personal and professional growth can emerge from both success and failure




We are driven to achieve superior results in all of our work, balancing long- and short-term priorities to make real-world impacts.