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Roadmap for China: Scaling Up Green Bond Market Issuance

This paper provides a roadmap for China to scale up the issuance of green bonds in the domestic market and develop the overseas RMB-denominated market by identifying and addressing the current challenges that limit green bond issuance.

The roadmap sets out actions that can enable an increase in the issuance of green bonds in the near term, as well as actions that will ensure a steady stream of projects suitable for green bond financing will be available over time.

This is the second paper in a series of four discussion papers issued by IISD and the Climate Bonds Initiative on prospects for the Chinese green bond market. 

The four papers are:

  • Roadmap for China: Green Bond Guidelines for the Next Stage of Market Growth (Paper 1)
  • Roadmap for China: Scaling up Green Bond Market Issuance (Paper 2)
  • Roadmap for China: Green securitisation, tax incentives and credit enhancements to scale green bonds (Paper 3)
  • Roadmap for China: Extending the Joint Leadership on Green Finance (Paper 4)





  • 中国绿色债券发展路线图:在下一市场发展阶段的绿色债券指引(报告一)
  • 中国绿色债券市场路线图:扩大发行规模(报告二)
  • 中国绿色债券市场路线图:利用绿色资产证券化、税收优惠和增信措施扩大绿色债券的规模(报告三)
  • 中国绿色债券市场路线图:增强中英绿色金融联合领导力(报告四)

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