WEBINAR | Sector Integration in the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Process

Join the NAP Global Network for a webinar that will explore how countries are ensuring climate-resilience planning in priority sectors.

March 6, 2017 7:00 pm

How are countries ensuring climate-resilient planning in priority sectors?

One of the two objectives of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process is to integrate climate change adaptation into new and existing development planning across sectors and levels. While there is no single approach to integrating adaptation considerations into sector planning, concrete examples are emerging as more countries engage in NAP processes. Countries that have shared their experiences through the NAP Global Network have highlighted that the impetus for sector integration can be found in different ministries and at different levels depending on the country context.

This webinar will explore a spectrum of approaches to sector integration in the NAP process, illustrating how different country-specific pathways can lead to a common outcome of sectoral integration.

Watch a recording of this webinar

The webinar agenda was as follows:

  • Introduction to the NAP Global Network and Webinar Series
  • A Spectrum of Approaches to Sector Integration (Hayley Price-Kelly, NAP Global Network Secretariat)
  • The Case of Jamaica: A hybrid approach to sector integration (Dr. Orville Grey, Jamaica’s Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation)
  • Q&A
  • Next steps and closing

About the NAP Global Network’s Webinar Series

The NAP Global Network’s webinar series provides an online forum for sharing lessons and experiences that are emerging as countries progress through their NAP processes. Each webinar addresses a specific technical topic related to national adaptation planning through presentations of countries’ experiences, relevant research and guidance, and opportunities for discussion by participants.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming webinars in our series, including:

  • Vertical integration in the NAP process: Linking national and sub-national adaptation planning (April 2017)
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the NAP process (May 2017)

Further webinars in the series will be announced on an on-going basis.


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