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Webinar | Approaches to Progress Reporting on National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Implementation

How can a country report on the progress and results of their adaptation actions? On June 24, the NAP Global Network will host a webinar to present our review of available NAP progress reports, ask country partners about their experiences, and derive lessons to guide national governments through this process.

June 24, 2021 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Cairo (UTC +2)

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A progress report for a National Adaptation Plan (NAP) can serve to inform government workers, the general public, and the international community about what is working to build resilience to climate change and what is not, in which contexts, and why. This is essential for accountability purposes, as well as for learning and improving the next version of the NAP.

Over ten countries have reported progress on their NAP so far—a handful have even reported more than once—while others are currently going through the exercise for the first time. As more and more countries start implementing NAP processes and develop monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) systems, the question of how to report on the progress and results of adaptation actions to different stakeholders, from local to international levels, becomes more urgent.

In May 2021, the NAP Global Network conducted a review of the available NAP progress reports. The results indicate that these reports use different objectives, approaches to evaluating progress, and ways in which the results are presented and communicated. The process of developing a progress report seems to present as many challenges as it does opportunities to strengthen NAP processes.

Join this event to look at what has already been done in terms of NAP progress reporting and derive lessons that could guide countries through the reporting process.


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