How USD 10 Billion Can Transform Food Systems in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nigeria: Report launch

This webinar, hosted in partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the Shamba Centre for Food and Climate, presents the findings of a new report exploring food systems, nutrition, and environmental sustainability in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nigeria.

March 16, 2023 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CET

(Open to public)

A new study finds that it is possible to achieve sustainable food system transformation in the next decade in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nigeria—by increasing public investment by USD 10 billion per year on average from 2023–2030 and through a more effective portfolio of interventions that achieve multiple outcomes. 

In one of the most ambitious efforts to date, researchers from IFPRI and IISD, closely engaged with the government, donors, and stakeholders in each country, synthesized the evidence base and then applied sophisticated macro- and micro-economic modelling techniques to identify pathways to provide affordable and healthy diets to all people in an environmentally sustainable way. The report finds that the biggest wins would come from investing in sustainable livestock production and reducing food loss and waste. Just over half of the USD 10 billion needed per year must come from donors.

Join IISD, IFPRI, and the Shamba Centre for Food and Climate for a webinar on March 16 to learn more about the findings. 

Agenda and Speakers

  • Introduction

    • Sean Woolfrey, Senior Advisor and Research Coordinator, IISD

  • Presentation of the report: Evidence-based and costed deep dives for achieving sustainable food systems

    • Francine Picard, Co-Founder, Director of Partnerships, Shamba Centre for Food and Climate

    • Alan de Brauw, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI

    • Livia Bizikova, Lead II, Monitoring and Governance, Tracking Progress, IISD

    • Carin Smaller, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Shamba Centre for Food and Climate

  • Reactions: From evidence to action

    • Doshanie Kadokera, Economist, Malawi

    • Willem Olthof, Sustainable Agri-food Systems and Fisheries, Directorate-General for International Partnerships, the European Commission

    • Kathrin Weny, Senior Policy Officer, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • Valeria Piñeiro, Acting Head of the Latin American Region and Senior Research Coordinator, IFPRI