Single wind turbine with a coal burning power plant and pollution in the background.

The Just Transition Toolbox for Coal Regions — Knowledge needs in the South-East-Asian context

May 10, 2023 9:00 am - 10:30 am CEST

via Zoom

(Open to public)

The global energy transition from coal to renewable energy will have economic and social effects in coal regions in developing and emerging countries, threating local livelihoods, economic activities, and jobs, but also holding opportunities for sustainable, low-carbon development. Regional decision-makers play an important role in steering the transition and developing locally adapted solutions, but often lack capacity and knowledge of how to best support the transition process.

Against this background, the Wuppertal Institute has developed the Just Transition Toolbox for coal regions, a comprehensive compendium of experiences and good practices with references and links to existing handbooks, tools, and guidelines. It builds on the previous work of the Secretariat of the EU Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition (CRIT) and vast knowledge from a diverse range of stakeholders across the globe. 

As an introduction into the expert exchange, the toolbox is presented to give practitioners an overview of the guidance material which is already available. Practitioners from coal regions globally then present examples of their regions and discuss the challenges, which they are still facing in the future.



Timon Wehnert, Head Berlin Office and Co-Head of Research Unit International Energy Transitions, Wuppertal Institute

Introduction of IKI JET Project

Joscha Rosenbusch, Manager, GIZ

Toolbox for Just Transition in Coal Regions

Jannis Beutel, Junior Researcher, Wuppertal Institute

Audience Q&A

Regional Examples

Coal Regions in Indonesia
Marlistya Citraningrum, Program Manager, Sustainable Energy Access, IESR

Coal Region(s) in Thailand
Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut, Associate Professor, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University

Coal Region(s) in India
Srestha Banerjee, Director, Just Transition, iForest


Closing Remarks

About the Project

The Just Energy Transition in Coal Regions - Interregional Platform (JET-CR Platform) forms part of the project Innovation Regions for a Just Energy Transition (IKI JET). The JET-CR Platform is a joint German-EU Project (Joint Action) implemented in eight countries.

This project aims to make a substantial contribution to accelerating the transition away from a coal based, unsustainable energy system, and towards a net-zero emission and climate resilient energy system, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from coal use, while ensuring environmental protection, inclusive and sustainable economic development with decent employment opportunities, along with social protection in selected coal regions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.