Climate action protest.

COP26 Side Event | Co-constructing a notion of climate justice through improvisations

November 10, 2021 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm GMT

(Open to public)

Social Media Card | Co-constructing a Notion of Climate Justice through Improvisations

Deconstructing our own notions of 'climate’ and ‘justice’, as well as connecting with the visions of others, will help us shape the action needed on this fundamental aspect of climate efforts.

Everyone has their own ideas about what climate justice is, but there are many gaps in our own constructs. Through improvisation, we aim to generate ideas to help us individually and collectively better understand what makes climate action just. And maybe even come up with some insights into how to get there.



Todd Hunter – Social justice educator, Drama Therapist


Helen Jeans – Oxfam GB
Paulina Aldunce - University of Chile
Roop Singh – Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

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