COP 28 Side Event | What Skills and Capacities Are Needed at Sub-national Levels to Implement NAPs?

December 10, 2023 4:25 pm - 5:25 pm GST (GMT+4)

5th Capacity-building Hub, PCCB4NAPs Day

(Open to public)

Card announcing NAP GN Event at COP 28

Capacity building at the sub-national and local levels is critical to achieving a NAP process aligned with development priorities and plans and effectively channelling resources to the people, places, and systems that need them most.

This event will examine the importance of sub-national and local-level engagement in national adaptation policies and plans, discussing how capacities and networks can be enhanced to enable vertical integration in decision-making and ensure inclusive and gender-responsive adaptation action.

The session will also highlight good practices on how capacity building at sub-national and local levels can be scaled up at the national level. It will also identify country support needs to advance capacity building for vertical integration and opportunities for technical and financial support to strengthen these efforts.

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