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Building Bridges: Outcomes-Based Financing for Nature-Based Infrastructure

October 4, 2023 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm CET

(Open to public)

Building Bridges, Geneva

Part of the wider Building Bridges conference program, this session delves into the transformative potential of outcomes-based financing for nature-based infrastructure. We will examine its effectiveness and unpack how this innovative financing solution can amplify and scale investments for these projects.

Amidst the urgency to re-think our approach to infrastructure development, this session offers a comprehensive exploration of the outcomes-based financing model in the context of nature-based projects. It unveils the pivotal role of generating cash flow from ecosystem services.

Prepare for a vibrant, interactive discourse, as the session features collaborative activities involving our esteemed speakers and the audience, both online and in-person. 

We will:

  • Explore the Concept of Outcomes-Based Financing: Delve into the principles and mechanics of generating cash flow from ecosystem services, understanding its potential to drive positive ecological and societal outcomes.
  • Showcase the Power of Nature-Based Infrastructure: Highlight real-world examples of nature-based infrastructure projects, demonstrating their effectiveness in providing essential services while promoting ecological sustainability.
  • Discuss Strategies for Scaling Up: Engage in a robust discussion about strategies and challenges related to scaling up the use of outcomes-based financing for nature-based projects, considering collaboration, metrics, and beneficiaries’ engagement.



  • Eric Letsinger, Founder and CEO of Quantified Ventures (joining virtually)
  • Tessa Maurer, Senior Project Scientist at Blue Forest Conservation
  • Qasim Abbas, Co-founder of THE ARK
  • Sarah Nelson, Associate Director and Global Lead - Nature and Biodiversity at KPMG
  • David Uzsoki, Sustainable Finance Lead at IISD

The event will be live-streamed here:


About Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a joint initiative, launched in 2019, that creates links between international organizations on the right bank of Geneva and financial institutions on its left bank. Through this bridge, the initiative aims to accelerate the transition to a global economic model aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building Bridges’ ambition is to leverage the power of finance and Geneva’s unique ecosystem to preserve the planet, reduce social inequalities, and improve access to human rights. The initiative serves as an international hub for sustainable finance and the SDGs. More than an event, Building Bridges aims to stimulate international debate and shape the global sustainable finance agenda. By creating synergies between diverse actors and sectors, Building Bridges facilitates the emergence of concrete solutions to mobilize capital flows toward sustainable and inclusive projects.