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IISD-ELA Webinar: Climate change and its effects on our lakes

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Join us for this webinar on March 2, 2016 at 12:00 pm (CST).

Dr. Scott Higgins, Research Scientist at IISD-ELA will provide a general introduction to the world-class research institute and the work being done on the effects of climate change to boreal streams and lake waters. The webinar will describe IISD-ELA’s long-term monitoring program, examine how regional changes in climate over the past 47 years have influenced stream discharge and chemistry, and a variety of lake properties. Dr. Higgins will also provide an overview of an ongoing whole ecosystem climate change experiment, discuss potential new experiments, data availability, and collaborative opportunities.

IISD-ELA is co-hosting this webinar with the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA).

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Event details

  • March 2, 2016