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7th Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators

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The Seventh Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators was a tremendous success.

This year’s event was co-organized with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia and the South Centre, it was held in Jakarta on 4-6 November 2013. It was the largest Forum IISD has organized thus far with 104 participants from 56 countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as international organizations, including the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Commonwealth Secretariat (COMSEC), the Office of the Chief Trade Adviser for Pacific Forum Island Countries (OCTAPIC), the UN Economic Development and Globalization Division (ESCWA), and the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM).

The meeting was entitled “Investment Treaties and Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Reform or Reject?” This was the theme identified by last year’s participants as a pressing issue requiring an in-depth discussion of current challenges faced by countries and a sharing of experiences regarding investor–state dispute settlement.  

The high number of participants was key to the success of the event. The participants discussed various alternative models and approaches proposed by different countries, including a new model treaty that was proposed by one of the large developing countries, focusing on facilitating and promoting investment into developing countries rather than protection and arbitration. Participants also discussed variations of national and regional initiatives on investment and identified concrete ways to reform and improve the framework already in place. We believe the discussions have provided a platform for creative and innovative planning for next steps.

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The Seventh Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators

Event details

  • November 4-6, 2013

  • Jakarta, Indonesia