Are you interested in conducting research at IISD-ELA?

Our unique structure allows IISD-ELA researchers to work with governments, industry, and other academic scientists to identify and study new and emerging concerns before they become large-scale environmental problems.


If you are interested in proposing a new experiment, joining an ongoing or proposed experiment, or having IISD-ELA staff collect data of interest to you, we encourage you to contact Vince Palace, Head Research Scientist, at or visit our Propose a Project page.


Visitors to the IISD-ELA facility should expect a wide range of temperatures and conditions while on site, so please remember to dress for the weather and come prepared.


For those who are planning extended stays at IISD-ELA, please review the below checklist for equipment that is available at camp, as well as some recommended equipment to keep you comfortable throughout your stay.


IISD-ELA Visitor Checklist

IISD-ELA 2024 Facility Fee Rates


If you have plans to travel to IISD-ELA, please note that Pine Road to the facility is a controlled, restricted-access road.


The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) requires that all vehicles carry a valid travel permit. Arrangements for short-term travel permits for IISD-ELA-related activities can be made by contacting Roger Mollot, Operations Manager, at 204-229-4755 or John Neall, Facility Manager, at 807-226-5162 ext. 230 or 807-220-0794. For all other requests, please contact the Dryden District OMNRF office.


Travel permits are issued to cover only direct travel between Highway 17 and the IISD-ELA field station. Personal parking along Pine Road between the Stewart Lake bridge and the IISD-ELA field station is not permitted.


IISD-ELA also arranges travel to and from the facility from Winnipeg and Kenora. For these arrangements, you can contact Roger Mollot, Operations Manager, at or 204-229-4755.


If you would like to ship equipment or supplies to IISD-ELA prior to your arrival or while you are on site, you may ship either to our Winnipeg  office (items will be brought to camp on Sunday night shuttle vehicles as space permits) or to the PO box in Kenora (items will be picked up on Tuesdays).


Please make sure your name is included in the shipping address.


Winnipeg office:

IISD Experimental Lakes Area

111 Lombard Ave., Suite 325

Winnipeg, MB

R3B 0T4



Kenora PO box:

IISD Experimental Lakes Area

PO Box 1950

Kenora, ON

P9N 3X8


Using Animals for Research?

We recognize and support the essential need for responsible animal research.


The use of animals in research is a privilege, and so IISD-ELA requires researchers to practice “the three Rs” of animal use (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement), and to use non-lethal sampling methods whenever possible. Invertebrate organisms, other than crayfish, do not require permits.


If you wish to use the IISD-ELA facility to conduct research on vertebrate animals or crayfish (in the field or laboratory), you must follow the guidelines outlined here.

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