Working with educators and students

At IISD-ELA, we believe in the power of engaging students directly in hands-on science to inspire, interest, and motivate young people to examine the world around them, encouraging the process of lifelong learning.


The unique nature of the IISD-ELA facility and our whole-ecosystem approach to freshwater science provides an opportunity to deliver a different kind of educational programming and community outreach for a wide variety of audiences. IISD-ELA aims to inspire and train the general public and the next generation of research scientists, providing a platform for science education and innovation.


We are a committed member of both the Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba communities and are happy to facilitate tours or participate in outreach events with community members and schools in these areas.

IISD-ELA is basically the International Space Station of lake science. It's the only place in the universe where researchers can carry out a certain type of science, so scientists from across the globe flock there to carry out one-of-a-kind research.

David J. Ruck, President/Producer, Great Lakes Outreach Media

Employment Opportunities

Looking to work at the world's freshwater laboratory and spend every day here, either as a student or a full-time employee? Take a look at our employment opportunities to learn more...

Employment Opportunities

Want to visit the IISD-ELA Lakes?

We are pleased to offer group tours for the general public and school groups, as well as overnight stays to high school and university students during our field season (May to October). Learn more now.