The Time to Act is Now

Welcome to IISD Experimental Lakes Area—a Canadian gem and a one-of-a-kind research centre for freshwater science.


Fifty-eight small lakes in Ontario, Canada serve as natural laboratories where we discover the effects of everything from climate change, algal blooms, pollution, and other serious threats to fresh water.


And YOU can help ensure that legacy for future generations.


We need YOUR support to secure our future (and double your donation!), build up the site and steward these unique lakes.

It’s a Canadian institution. It’s something that we—in Canada—should all support.

John McCutcheon, IISD-ELA donor

Other ways to give

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please reach out to Erin Bend at


To donate by cheque, make the cheque payable to IISD Experimental Lakes Area (with the memo notation ‘IISD-ELA Endowment Fund’ or ‘IISD-ELA Campus Improvement Initiative’) and mail to: Attn: Philanthropy; IISD Experimental Lakes Area; 325-111 Lombard Avenue; Winnipeg, MB; R3B 0T4


If you’d like IISD-ELA’s securities transfer forme-transfer details, or to make a credit card gift over the phone, please contact Cody Sellar at


Note that our CRA Registered Charity Number is 850309576RR0001.