Campaigns | Nov 20, 2020

Help Us Build Up Our Lab!

We are thrilled to announce that this campaign to raise $50,000 to build up our lab with three critical pieces of equipment was a great success.

In fact, thanks to 192 generous donors, we raised $60,610.35 and are now excitedly waiting to receive and unbox these three new instruments.

We have said it before, and we will say it again, we couldn’t do it with you.

A massive thanks to all our generous donors and supporters.

IISD-ELA needs you!

If we raise $50,000 by the end of December, we can build up the capacity of our chemistry and fish laboratories.

It will buy three instruments (a Microcentrifuge and Hematocrit Rotor, an Auto Analyzer 3 – phosphorus channel, and a MT-100) that will: 

  • Save a lot of money every year on sample analysis, storage, and shipping costs;
  • Reduce risk by restoring the ability and capacity to run samples ourselves which is vital to maintain our 52 year + continuous dataset on the health of our lakes;
  • Make our work more efficient by doubling sample capacity and freeing up a half day of chemistry laboratory staff time each week;
  • Open areas of research, like blood work to understand biochemical markers for stress in fish;
  • Enrich learning and help the freshwater scientists of tomorrow develop critical skills.

I’m so proud to run the chemistry laboratory at IISD-ELA­­—there really is no science facility like it in the world. And our independent findings have never been more vital.

We want to become more self-reliant now. I hope I can rely on you to make a gift today below and invest in the future of fresh water.

Dr. Sonya Havens
Research Chemist, IISD Experimental Lakes Area