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Global Environmental Governance: Fixing a troubled system - Adil Najam

Since environmental issues entered the international agenda in the early 1970s, global environmental politics and policies have been developing rapidly. IISD Senior Fellow Adil Najam talks about the need for urgent reform of our system of global environmental governance—not because it has failed,…
Blog April 13, 2009

Inuit Observations on Climate Change - Full-Length Version (DVD)

This video documents the impacts of climate change from an Inuvialuit perspective. On Banks Island in Canada's High Arctic, the residents of Sachs Harbour have witnessed dramatic changes to their landscape and their way of life. Exotic insects, fish and birds have arrived; the sea ice is thnner…
Blog January 23, 2002

Skownan - Our Land, Our Future

This video presents the people of Skownan speaking about what the land means to them and how they are striving to maintain their way of life. It captures some of the highlights of a project between Skownan First Nation and the International Institute for Sustainable Development that used an…
Blog January 18, 2002

Appreciative Inquiry—A Beginning

Appreciative Inquiry-A Beginning documents the expereince of development workers and community members with appreciative inquiry, an innovative approach to bring about lasting change. Appreciative inquiry empowers local people by helping them build a vision for a better future based on their…
Blog January 16, 2002

Skownan - Dreaming the Land

This video features members of Skownan First Nation sharing their dreams for the future of their lands and community. It captures some of the highlights of a unique project shared between Skownan first Nation and the International Institute for Sustainable Development. Together, they used an…
Blog January 16, 2002