A Black woman in a lab coat looks through a microscope and smiles

Hosted by IISD-ACARE, African Women in Science (AWIS) is a 10-month program designed by women, for women, to support the interests, needs, and goals of early-career scientists working on Africa’s freshwater issues. AWIS aims to ensure more researchers are best equipped to protect North America and Africa’s Great Lakes—critical sources of food, clean water, and secure employment for tens of millions of people. 

Traditionally, women have been denied access to positions in freshwater science. Sadly, this means their unique perspectives are missing from critical solutions to environmental problems. But YOU can help.

Your gift to the African Women in Science program will:  

  • Connect early-career scientists with mentors in their chosen field. 

  • Build these scientists’ professional capacity through expert training in leadership; media relations; writing for science, policy, and public outreach; and meeting facilitation. 

  • Cultivate a community of peer support to reduce isolation and attrition. 

  • Support participants in presenting their work at international conferences, including the 2022 Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, and integrating into the larger scientific community. 

  • Allow these researchers to gain hands-on research experience on North American lakes - from Lake Michigan to IISD Experimental Lakes Area - and bring over a wealth of knowledge to share with us all. 

  • Grow international networks to strengthen freshwater research and policy. 

Your gift will be used by IISD to support these participants and projects as it helps administer the African Women in Science program.


If your company or organization is interested in helping to build the AWIS program, please contact Erin Bend.