IISD Announces Orville Grey to Lead the NAP Global Network

April 6, 2023

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is pleased to announce that Orville Grey will be the new Head of Secretariat for the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network, which is hosted by IISD.

Grey has 20 years of combined experience in climate change adaptation and environmental planning, science, and policy work that will shape how he leads the NAP Global Network. 

In his previous role as a Regional Manager (Caribbean) at the Green Climate Fund (GCF), he led the development and implementation of program strategies, the technical review of adaptation planning proposals, and the active engagement with developing countries, including those most vulnerable to climate change—especially Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States. Prior to the GCF, he was a lead negotiator on climate change adaptation for the Alliance of Small Island States, where he was involved in the critical negotiations that led to the Paris Agreement.

"The knowledge and support provided by the NAP Global Network are making a big difference in countries trying to plan for the adverse effects of climate change,” said Grey. “I look forward to leading this amazing team of adaptation experts and policy advisors and continuing the important work of the NAP Global Network in accelerating the development and implementation of climate change adaptation efforts in developing countries." 

The NAP Global Network is an initiative that accelerates adaptation planning and action in the Global South. Established in 2014, the Network provides technical support, facilitates SouthSouth peer learning and exchange, and mobilizes knowledge on the formulation and implementation of NAPs. As Head of Secretariat, Grey will be leading a multidisciplinary team of adaptation experts based around the world, expanding the Network’s reach, responding to partner country needs, and being a leading voice for adaptation planning in global policy processes. 

"With his extensive experience as an advocate, implementer, and funder of adaptation planning, we look forward to Orville leading the NAP Global Network into a new era of innovative and meaningful support that will increase climate change adaptation efforts in the Global South," said Anne Hammill, Associate Vice-President, Resilience, IISD.

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