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Trade and Investment: Fostering or Frustrating Climate Objectives?

December 12, 2009

Media Advisory

IISD Side Event: Trade and Investment: Fostering or Frustrating Climate Objectives?

Monday, December 14, 2009, 09:00-13:00 CET (GMT +1)
*Crowne Plaza Hotel, IETA room Mount Everest 3, Orestads Blvd 114-118
(One Metro stop from the Bella Centre at Orestad)
UNFCCC COP15, Copenhagen

IISD has been working intensively on trade and climate change issues since it helped organize the Trade Ministers' meeting in Bali at COP13. A suite of research has led to our round-up event in Copenhagen: a mini-symposium focused on four key issue areas.

09:00 Liberalization of low-carbon goods: The promise and the pitfalls
Mahesh Sugathan (ICTSD): Liberalization of trade in environmental goods and services: The devil in the details
Peter Wooders (IISD): Estimating the GHG mitigation potential of liberalization

10:00 Border carbon adjustment: Trade measures in pursuit of climate objectives
Susanne Dröge (German Institute for International and Security Affairs): Tackling leakage in a world of unequal carbon prices
Jake Werksman (WRI): Challenges of fair and effective BCA
Aaron Cosbey (IISD): WTO legal issues; principles of good practice

11:00 Investment, technology transfer and climate change
Karsten Neuhoff (Climate Policy Initiative): International support for domestic policies in developing countries
Peter Wooders (IISD): Case study: wind power in Egypt
Smita Nakhooda (WRI): Investing in a sustainable future: MDB support for energy policy

12:00 Intellectual property rights and climate change
Bernice Lee (Chatham House): Who owns our low carbon future? IP and energy technology
Ahmet Abdul Latif (ICTSD): IPRs and dissemination of clean technology 

(Please see more about IISD at COP15 and related commentaries) .)

*Participants will need to have previously registered or have COP15 badges for entry.

For more information, please contact IISD media and communication officer Nona Pelletier
Cell: +1-(204)-962-1303.
(For local calls during COP15 in Copenhagen, please phone 53 97 61 23 until December 18, 2009)

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