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New Project Examines Chile's Transportation Sector

October 27, 2002

WINNIPEG — The International Institute for Sustainable Development, in cooperation with the Climate Change and Development Consultants (CC&D) in Chile and the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) in Washington, D.C., are working to strengthen the Chilean government's capacity to apply the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as an effective clean investment tool in the transportation sector.

Through an analysis of Santiago's transportation sector, a series of study tours and workshops, the project team plans to bolster the institutional and technical capacity of transportation and environmental officials in Chile to develop CDM projects in the transportation sectors. The project team will help identify potential CDM projects, assess their greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality emissions reductions, and develop methods for structuring CDM projects in the transportation sector.

"This project will break new ground by exploring the links between transportation development and the opportunities available to countries such as Chile through the Clean Development Mechanism. The addition of CDM funds could go a long way to encouraging appropriate and sustainable development in transportation planning and development over the coming decades," says John Drexhage, Director of Climate Change and Energy at IISD.

The project hopes to provide useful lessons for other developing countries that wish to reduce GHG and air pollutant emissions from the transportation sector and participate in the CDM.

"The CDM provides an excellent opportunity to enhance investment in Chile's transportation sector over the coming years, while also reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable transportation initiatives. This important joint initiative between CC&D, IISD and CCAP will contribute much toward facilitating the advancement of thinking on the links between the Kyoto Protocol, and clean development in the transport sector in Chile," says Eduardo Sanhueza, Director of CC&D.

"In addition to advancing climate policy goals in Chile, this project has great potential to set international precedent on how CDM projects in the transportation sector are designed and how the associated emission reductions are quantified. During the early stages of the CDM, the Executive Board will be looking for model projects in the transportation sector to demonstrate 'gold-standard' techniques for assessing project GHG benefits – the timing of this project could not be better," says Ned Helme, Executive Director of CCAP.

The project will be launched during the Eighth Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, COP-8 being held in New Delhi, India October 24 – November 1, 2002.

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About CC&D

CC&D is a consulting firm that specializes in the analysis, design and promotion in Chile of the market-based instruments under the UNFCCC involving the participation of developing nations. Since its establishment in 1994, CC&D has been actively involved in the local and international climate change debate as a source of expert information on technical matters related to these types of instruments, both for the National Environmental Commission (CONAMA) and the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Chile and for its delegation to the UNFCCC negotiation process.

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CCAP is a non-profit environmental think-tank that specializes in developing and implementing innovative solutions to major environmental problems that balance both environmental and economic interests. CCAP has extensive experience on transportation analysis and climate policy development. CCAP specializes in engaging government, industry and NGO experts in substantive dialogue on policy design and implementation.

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