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INFASA - International Forum on Assessing Sustainability in Agriculture

November 15, 2007

New book on sustainable agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture, from Common Principles to Common Practices is the first book published by the International Forum on Assessing Sustainability in Agriculture (INFASA). The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Swiss College of Agriculture (SHL) are leading a multi-year forum (INFASA) to seek excellence in the use of indicator and assessment systems for sustainable agriculture. The pillars of science, policy and practice will form the basis of an ongoing dialogue on these tools to strategically advance the agricultural sustainability agenda.

The book and CD include case studies and synthesis of an initial symposium held in Bern, Switzerland in March 2006. It hosted a group of actual and potential users of indicators and assessment systems, and evaluation system specialists. The event successfully generated an initial dialogue for advancing the widespread use of indicator and assessment systems in everyday agriculture by policymakers, business, farmers and ultimately consumers. Future activities of INFASA will further advance sustainable agriculture through the development and effective use of indicator and assessment systems.

Members of INFASA will be on-hand at the Beyond GDP conference being held November 19-20, 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. INFASA will also be attending the Sustainable Agriculture 2007 conference held later that week in Brussels on November 22-23, 2007. Copies of the book and CD will be available for review and the INFASA co-chairs Dr. László Pintér (Director of Measurement and Assessment at IISD; and Dr. Fritz Häni (Professor of Plant Protection; may be contacted for interviews.

For more information on the INFASA program please see IISD's INFASA Web site.

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