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IISD welcomes closer working relationship with Israel to help solve Manitoba's water challenges

August 13, 2008

WINNIPEG—August 14, 2008—The International Institute for Sustainable Development welcomes today's announcement by the Manitoba Government to develop a long-term working relationship between Israel and Manitoba, to address similar water challenges in the two regions.

IISD also congratulates its associate Bryan Oborne on becoming the first recipient of the Manitoba Minister of Water Stewardship Scholarship for International Studies. The $50,000 scholarship will help him gain expertise in Israel that can be brought back and applied to similar issues in Manitoba, while assisting him with his PhD work at the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba.

The announcement was made at the Manitoba – Israel Water Experts Symposium in Winnipeg, which brings together 12 water experts from Israel and 12 water experts from Manitoba to share knowledge, experience and expertise on water issues of joint interest. Oborne is representing IISD on the expert panel at the symposium.

"Bryan's expertise in looking for solutions to address Lake Winnipeg's current problems demonstrates his understanding of the watershed-based interrelationships among land, water, wildlife, and human activities," said IISD vice president and chief operating officer Bill Glanville.

IISD is involved in a number of projects aimed at improving the stewardship of Lake Winnipeg, including a number of initiatives on behalf of Manitoba Water Stewardship, as part of a five-year agreement with the province.

"Bryan's work on Lake Winnipeg Stewardship/Netley-Libau Wetlands Research will be greatly enhanced by the knowledge and experience he gains working with our colleagues in Israel," Glanville said.

Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick also announced $100,000 to fund joint water management projects between Israel and Manitoba. The projects will be selected in the next few months, based on ideas developed at the symposium.

For more information, please contact Nona Pelletier, IISD media and communications officer (204) 958-7740 or cell phone (204) 962-1303.

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