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IISD has strong presence at COP 11/MOP 1 in Montreal

November 27, 2005

Institute involved in 27 different side, parallel and satellite events and NGO meetings

Montreal - The Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development is sending a 31 member team of researchers and reporters to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to attend over 27 different side, parallel and satellite events and NGO meetings.

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Whether it is reporting on the negotiations, hosting and presenting at side events or serving as a member of the Canadian Delegation, IISD will have a strong presence throughout this two-week, international conference.

The IISD team will join over 10,000 delegates from 189 countries in Montreal for negotiations and meetings on how to further efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

One of IISD's key activities is the authoritative and neutral coverage of the negotiations through the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. The ENB will provide the international community with comprehensive daily coverage of the COP-11/MOP-1 negotiations and selected side events in English, French and Spanish, including text, audio and photos. These are made freely available on our website mere hours after the close of negotiations

For a complete listing of IISD events, please click here.

IISD spokespeople will be in Montreal monitoring the talks and can offer insight into; progression of the talks, impacts of climate change on developing countries; Canada and the Post 2012 climate change regime; and Canada's plan to meet its Kyoto commitments.

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