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IISD Board Vice-Chair Angela Cropper named UNEP Deputy Executive Director

November 8, 2007

The International Institute for Sustainable Development would like to offer our congratulations to IISD Board of Directors' Vice-Chair, Ms. Angela Cropper of Trinidad and Tobago. On November 7, 2007, she was named as the Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Currently Ms. Cropper is an independent member of the Senate of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago and President of The Cropper Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable organization committed to sustainable development.

Ms Cropper has been a member of the IISD Board since 2000 and has played an inspirational role for the Institute throughout her tenure. IISD's participation in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) began largely through the encouragement of Ms. Cropper, who was one of the co-chairs of the MA Assessment Panel.

Ms. Cropper brings to UNEP extensive experience in environmental policy, analysis and negotiations, combined with high-level engagement in intergovernmental environmental negotiations and processes, as well as a strong sense of vision and strategic thinking. She also brings strong leadership and management qualifications and experience. The recipient of numerous environmental awards in recognition of her achievements, Ms. Cropper has catalyzed activities for equity, peace and sustainable development at both international and local levels.

David Runnalls, CEO and President of IISD comments: "They could not have made a better choice for this role than Angela. Her background and consummate knowledge in sustainable development issues will be a perfect fit for this position with UNEP."

Dan Gagnier, Chair of the IISD Board of Directors agrees: "IISD has been very fortunate to have had Ms. Cropper on our board to advise us on issues related to development, the environment and economics for all these years. Her expertise in sustainable development will be of enormous benefit to UNEP and their organizational goals. We want to offer Ms. Cropper our sincere congratulations and best wishes with her new appointment."

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