Press release

Global Connectivity focuses on new challenges for sustainable development

November 13, 2008

IISD announces the new Global Connectivity program, which more accurately describes our ongoing focus on new and emerging challenges for sustainable development.

Global Connectivity builds on our former Knowledge Communications program, to incorporate how technology, in particular communications technology, is supporting and changing how we organize our governing systems, our economies, and our cultures in unprecedented ways.

Global Connectivity looks at how massive social networks of people are emerging with their own ability to influence priorities and planning, for better or worse.

There is great potential to transform sustainable development through the interface of technology and social organization; but also great risk that the technology may drive unsustainable practices instead.

Three broad areas of work are:

1. Networked governance principles and practice

2. Internet sector engagement and policy support

3. Sharing leadership for the networked age

For more information about Global Connectivity, please contact program Director Heather Creech.

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